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Apr 18

Wealth of India - Natural Resources - Acacia


One of the essential requirements for the rapid  economic growth of a nation is to develop its own natural resources. Fortunately, India is blessed with abundant natural resources. Forest products and medicinal plants form an important group of valuable resources. For fully utilizing this important group which is one of the biggest wealth of India, …

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Apr 09

MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 4 (Indexes)

Fig. 1. Loaded Sample Data

Objective: Make your queries run faster on MongoDB by introducing indexes. Prerequisite: MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.   As promised in Step 3 of this series, this step will take you through Indexing in MongoDB. The index concepts in MongoDB are very similar to any other conventional RDBMS database that you might have …

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Mar 11

Neo4j Basics Primer Series - Step 2


  Objective: Learn graph database concepts and the first dive into Cypher. Prerequisite: Neo4j Basics Primer Series - Step 1   A Graph database i.e. Neo4j is based on Graph Theory which talks about Graph as a set of Edges and Vertices. These Vertices and Edges are Nodes and Relationships respectively in Neo4j. The Relationships connect the …

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Feb 29

MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 3


Objective: Get familiar with Aggregation Framework in MongoDB. Prerequisite: MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 1, MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 2   I hope your journey thus far has been smooth and CRUD operations on MongoDB do not unsettle you any more. Now it is time to learn 'GROUP BY' a.k.a Aggregation Pipeline in MongoDB. "Aggregation Pipeline" is analogus …

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Feb 10

MongoDB Basics Primer Series - Step 1

  This primer series on MongoDB is aimed to be an authoritative, step-by-step reference guide for a non-starter who wishes to embark on the journey to learn MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database on this day, according to Learning a popular technology also ensures that you cement your relevance in the job market, isn't it …

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